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DSC00120.JPG  My wife bought this Chest of Draws from Metropol Auction house very cheaply as it was a rather unfashionable brown veneer which in itself was a little battered and beaten.


Her original plan for it was for me to convert it into wash basin stand in the bathroom but at only 70cm tall it was a little short unless we wanted to crouch down every time we brushed our teeth.

So instead we decided to keep it as a chest of draws and give it a new life in black. A local design store Stilrummet has started stocking Chalk Paint so I thought I’d give it a go as I seem to be the only person on the planet blogging about Shabby Chic furniture who hasn’t tried it!

The paint was Black Velvet from Jean d’Arc Living a Danish brand making paint in the Annie Sloane style. To prep the draws I removed all of the metal fixtures and fittings and gave the wooden surfaces a very light sanding. I know your not supposed to need to do that with chalk paint but old habits die hard!

Next I gave the piece two very thin coats of the paint, with 30 minutes between. It went on very smoothly and covered remarkably well so much so in fact I did the entire draws with one 100ml (3.4oz) tester pot. I’ve since bought some more of this paint in both the Black Velvet and French Beige so expect some more from me soon.

We didn’t want a super shabby finish so I just very lightly sanded back to the raw wood around the edges of the draws and on the legs to give a very slightly worn look.

Once all of the metal work was screwed back on I gave it a coat of clear bees wax and then two coats of dark Oak antique wax from Liberon. I like to use a dark brown wax on black paint as I think it adds a depth to the finish. We used to do the same thing when we were bulling (polishing) our boots for a parade when I was in the Army and it may of been nonsense then too.

So that was it. A simple half day project to give an old chest of draws a more desirable look. Thanks for reading the Shabby Side of Chic.