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Picture Rails

Well this blog has been quite for far to long and I could list all my excuses like a new job, holidays, family and Christmas and in fact I just have so let’s get on to the project.

We have a wall in our house for the last few years has been home to a collection of pictures of our daughter from her first ever picture as a new-born through to her being around 3 years. However, as she’s now five it was time to add a few new ones.

Picture Rails

My wife decided though that instead of just adding up some extra frames we should create some picture ledges, not only because we could fit on more frames, but also because it’d be easier to keep them all level and aligned. Now you can buy picture ledges very cheaply from Ikea but we wanted ours to be the full length of the wall which also isn’t flat so they needed to curve.

Picture Rails

The first step was to cut and paint four batons which would form the base of the picture rails. These had to be wide enough to hold the Ikea Ribba frames but flexible enough to follow the curve of the wall.

Picture Rails

I attached the batons with screws in the centre and at each end carefully ensuring that they were level using a spirit level. I used over sized screws on this job as they were not just holding up the ledge but also shaping the wood to the wall. Here you can see my talented assistant helping out.

DSC00513Here you can see the curve of the wall more clearly. This might of put me off a few years ago but it’s actually quite easy to make wood work with curves.


The next step was to add the front lip to the ledge for which I used a decorative moulding to keep in the style of the rest of the apartment. I simply nailed this to the front of the baton using brass pins.


I use a punch to tap the final few millimeters of the nail into the wood to avoid damaging the moulding with the hammer.

Picture Rails

So there it is a quick and easy little project to add a few pictures to your walls. I’ve almost finished refurbishing a chest of draws which I will be posting very soon. Thanks for reading the Shabby Side of Chic.