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Reupholstered Tabouret Bench

I believe this tobouret stool/bench was the first piece of furniture I ever tried reupholstering and in the five years or so since then this will be it’s third incarnation. Not that I mind really as these square upholstered benches are both very easy and very quick to cover – in fact it will probably take longer to type this post than it took to do the job.

This time around my wife wanted me to replace the fabric with a black and gold laurel wreath motif to match the cushions she’d made from the same fabric which you can see on the chair to the right of the picture above.

Tabouret Bench StoolI’m not sure how old the bench actually is but judging by the construction and the fact that it’s upholstered with webbing, burlap and horse hair I suspect it’s at least a few years old.

Tabouret Bench StoolThe first step was to cut the fabric to the approximate size of the bench and position the pattern as desired.

Tabouret Bench Stool Next place a couple of staples in the centre of each of the four side ensuring you’ve pulled the fabric nice and tight.

Tabouret Bench Stool Now work you way out from the centre on all four sides until you are a 50mm (2 inches) from each of the corners.

Tabouret Bench Stool You’ll want to ensure you’re keeping the fabric nice and taught and that you’re now skewing the pattern if your fabric has one.

Tabouret Bench Stool Once you reach the corner fold the triangle of fabric back under itself and place a staple in each side of the corner to secure it.

Tabouret Bench Stool You should now be left with two bunny ears. Fold them back onto the corner pulling them nice and tight while folding as much fabric as you can back under itself.

Tabouret Bench Stool Now repeat on the other side and you should be left with a nice neat corner. It’s a lot easier to do then it is to describe! Do the same on all four corners.

Tabouret Bench Stool The last job is to glue braiding around the bench to hide the staples and provide a nice tidy finish.

Tabouret Bench Stool So there you have it. I told you it was a simple job. Thanks for reading the Shabby Side of Chic.