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This is the final instalment of our makeover of the second smallest room in our home for the smallest member of our family.


The main focus was to create a princess tower/tent themed storage cupboard and daybed combination  which I wrote about in Part 1 and Part 2. However, there were a few other things we did in the room and I thought it might be nice to talk about them also as my epic bookcase build isn’t quite finished yet.

I touched on it briefly yesterday but the windowsill in this room was seriously in need of some TLC. A little too much enthusiasm watering various flowers and plants had led to the paint peeling so I set about removing it while the room was being redone and there was dust everywhere anyway. 019As I began stripping away the layers of paint it became apparent this wasn’t the first time this windowsill had been repaired, not surprising really for a house in it’s 130th year,  as it was quite badly pitted underneath. Interestingly, as with other windowsills in this house, it had been repaired with a layer of thick paper over the uneven surface which was then painted over to get a smooth surface.


This gave me the slightly crazy idea of trying to resurface the windowsill with decoupage, as I was doing this elsewhere in the room, and as it turned out my wife had just seen the perfect serviettes in a local shop, called Indiska, so it seemed like fate. First I used wall paper paste to attach to the surface brown paper to give me a flatter surface to work with. I then gave this two coats of white primer to seal it.

Updates 005The I used a speciality decoupage glue/varnish from Panduro to very carefully glue the serviettes to the paper. As described yesterday you need to carefully tease apart the serviettes first to remove the two plain layers from the printed one. I tried very hard to carefully align each new square so it slightly overlapped the last in exactly the same place, because I’m a bit obsessive like that, but I’m sure it would have looked just as good if I hadn’t stressed myself getting the birds lined up.  The hardest thing about doing a large area like this with whole serviettes is getting them perfectly flat. I didn’t succeed in getting a totally flat surface but I don’t think that really matters. I then gave it two more coats of the decoupage varnish.

Shabby 011

Finally I gave the whole thing three coats, see I said I was a bit obsessive, of a really tough polyurethane varnish. These varnishes are often used on floors and are very tough and water resistant. The varnish had an additional unintentional effect because although it was described as clear it gave a slight brownish tinge to the finished sill which gave a really cool vintage look. I read this morning a post on the on the up cycle blog that said you can get outdoor door decoupage varnish which could be used if you didn’t want the colour to change.

PlayroomWe used the shelves I’d made for the room previously to display some of her nicer books and I put up some cool key shaped hooks around her play kitchen because she loves arranging things.

Shabby 009My wife found a cast iron style hat stand in Åhléns which was perfect for handing on all of her dressing up clothes and hats.

The chest of draws the dolls house is standing on was the subject of an earlier paint job and I’ll write about it separately at some point I’m sure.

Thanks for reading the Shabby Side of Chic and please feel free to let me know what you think!

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