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I’m still in the middle of our make-over of our daughters play room. She requested a princess themed cosy corner where she can sit and read or use her iPad.

I used the the Sultan’s Copper Tents in Haga Park near Stockholm as my inspiration

Koppartaumllten_Copper_Tent_Houses_HagaThese crazy structures were built in 1790 to house the palace guards. The brightly painted copper façades were meant to give the illusion of a sultans encampment at the top of the main lawn. My painting and joinery skills are not quite up to recreating them but I loved the bright colour together with the gold.

I’ll share how I did it in a later post when I’m finished but in the meantime I was wondering if I could use animated gifs to show how I do some of the things I do. Especially things like doors which I seem to repeat on numerous IKEA Hacks. So last night I took a picture at each stage of the process and then used a free gif maker (gifmaker.me) to make the animation below. It could be quite cool to do one for a whole project from start to finish.


We’re using quite a few new techniques in the play room I’ve never tried before including decoupage and stencilling. It’s also tested my joiner skills more than most of our projects. The good news though it’s involved lots of colours because if you’ve read any of my others posts you’ll know that the colour scheme so far has been 50 shades of grey.


Thanks for reading the shabby side of chic and don’t forget to come back to see the finished tent!