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Bedroom 011We bought these bedside tables as a pair from Metropol auction house here in Stockholm in 2011. I’d guess they’re from the 1960’s although the don’t have any marking to indicate where or when they were made. You often see this style of table come up there for sale but rarely as a matching pair.  So as we’d been looking for a pair of bedside tables for a while we decided to snap them up, despite their rather drab brown colour, so I could have a go at painting them.

706_2016_lampbordThe procedure for preparing and painting the tables was exactly the same as I described here in the Side Table post. The only difference this time was that we wanted to have two colours on the table to recreate the veneer inlay of the original finish.

Shabby update 004 (2)To do this I simply marked out a square on each side and the front with masking tape and then painted inside of this with a slightly darker grey. I then added an outline around this with a metallic gold pen and a ruler.

Bedroom 013As with the side table I linked to earlier I distressed the surface with a pan scourer rubbing away the paint to the areas I had used the candle on to stop the paint adhering. I then gave everything a coat of liquid bee’s wax to improve the finish. They’ve been by our bed for a couple of years now so we’re pleased with how they came out.

Shabby update 005 (2)Thanks for visiting the shabby side of chic.