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Bedroom 003My wife bought this Linen Cabinet from the Metropol Auctioneers here in Stockholm over ten years ago to match a dressing table she had inherited from her grandparents. It was listed by the auctioneer as dating from the 1920’s and was made by NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) Sweden’s most prestigious department store.

NK was formed in 1902 by Karl Ludvig Lundberg and Josef Sachs how wanted to replicate the level or service and grandeur of department stores they had visited in Paris and London. NK is still going strong in the exists in the same building it’s occupied since 1915.

227_7490_linneskapI’ll admit I was a little nervous at the thought of painting a piece of furniture from the twenties but seeing as it had already been re-painted at least once in it’s life already I was convinced to give it a go. Not least because my wife was seriously not happy with the green colour.  We didn’t want to have too shabby a finish so I didn’t want to do any under painting but we did want to recreate the feel that it had had a long life.

Bedroom 007I gave the surface a thorough clean to remove any grime, grease or dirty from the surface and then very lightly sanded the surface to help the paint adhere. I then very carefully painted the cabinet in a high finish half matt grey colour called Silver fox. I was careful to apply a very thin later of paint especially on the door panels. I used a small artists paint brush around the finer details.NKLINENCABINETOnce the second coat of paint had dried I used a translucent black glaze with a rag to give the paint an aged look. I tried to copy the original ageing patterns it had before I repainted it. So paid special attention to around the key holes, the door panels and details. I also very lightly rubbed back to the original pale green in a few places around the top and bottom of the cabinet.

All in all we were very pleased with the finished results and it fits very well into our new bedroom of which there will be more to come soon.

Bedroom 004