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Shabby Child's Cupboard - IKEA HackWe wanted some storage in our daughters room that both filled the space at the end of her bed and was easy for her to be able to get things in but mostly out of. As a fiver year old tidying up is a still a work in progress for her but then my wife would say the same about me.

The base for the cupboard was two 60×70 FAKTUM wall units which I assembled and attached together using the standard fitting that came with the flat packs. I took extra care nailing on the backs as when these units are used as free standing units the hardboard backs can some times get pushed off.

Shabbyside 022The first step of the hack was to build a plinth for the units to stand on using a simple rectangular timber frame the same size as the bottom of the units. The easiest way to do this is to turn the unit upside down and screw the timber frame directly onto the base of the unit. Next I added a wooden profile around the outside to give the cupboard a more traditional look. I distressed the corners by bashing them around a little and attacking them with sand paper to add a little age also.

Shabby update 003

I used a 20mm (3/4inch) pine board as a top for the unit. In other posts I’ve described how I created a bevelled edge using a router, however, in the case I dressed the outside edge with 20mm (3/4inch) profile beading. It actually worked very well and if you haven’t got a router it’s a good option for dressing the top of the unit.

Shabby 006The doors were the basic HÄRLIG doors on which I created the feel of a panel door by using the same 20mm (3/4in) profile beading I used on the top. Then only thing left to do was paint the units, doors and surface. At this point I’ll point out that I didn’t prime these units and had no problems with the paint adhering, however, I have since had issues on IKEA units so would always now apply a base coat of primer. I ensured the surfaces were clean and  lightly roughened with sandpaper before apply two coats of grey paint to the doors and units and a single coat to the top surface so the grain showed through.

Shabby 005A

I then applied a layer of glaze with an old rag to give a more aged look and feel especially to the detail of the profiles. Finally I gave the whole unit a coat of liquid bees wax to deepen the lustre and added a pair of reproduction lion head handles in place of the standard IKEA ones.

All in all a really simple hack but quite pleasing all the same. Thanks for visiting The Shabby Side of Chic.