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Shabby Chic Sideboard 007

We got this side board from Metropol an auction house close to us here in Stockholm. It’s great as they usually have an incredibly eclectic collection of things for sale with a painting from the 17th Century sat next to a chair from the 1980s. They have a physical showroom where you can view that weeks lots but the actual auction is an e-auction so you can bid from home. A lot of what they have comes from house clearances so if you’re patient you can get some real bargains at places like these.

782_1280_sideboardMy wife had been looking for a large sideboard for our dinning room for ages but the few we’d seen had gone for too high a price so when this one came up it went straight onto her watch list. As it turned out we were the only bidders and got it for the sellers reserve price which was less than half the estimate put on by the auction house.

Although it looks quite grand in the picture from the auction house it was in a very tired condition close up and seeing as we were the only people looking to give it a home I don’t feel too bad for painting it.

It was simply described as an English Mahogany Sideboard by the auctioneers but when we got it home I found a small label inside saying was made by the Thomas Glenister Ltd of High Wycombe which manufactured furniture from the 19th century until they ceased trading in 1990.

Shabby Chic Sideboard 001

As usual the first thing was to remove all of the fixtures and fittings and put them in a safe place. Next I gave the whole sideboard a very light sanding with a fine sandpaper.

Shabby Chic Sideboard 005

The paint we choose was a water based flat matt black which the local paint shop made up for me although he did try and talk me out of flat matt for furniture. Once the second coat was dry it was time for the fun part: the distressing. All I did this time was simply use a fine sandpaper to rub back to the raw wood the areas I wanted to look warn and used.

Shabby Chic Sideboard 004

With black furniture I’ve found there really isn’t a need to under paint and then wax as you can create a contrast with just sand paper which also looks more natural in my opinion. The last thing I did was give it a coat of liquid bee’s wax polish, partly because it seems to add a deeper lustre and partly because it helps to protect the matt finish from my 5 year old daughters sticky little finger prints.

Shabby Chic Sideboard 002