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towel rack lion

I was told that yesterday’s post was too long and so detailed that I would put off anyone who even remotely thought about creating an indoor water feature.  So as a novice blogger I’ll listen to my single follower in case she divorces me. Today’s blog will be short, sweet and simple. So simple in fact I can describe the whole process in a single sentence. I drilled two holes in the wall*, inserted two rawl plugs (screw anchors), and screwed the towel holder onto the wall, job done.

Today’s post isn’t about clever finishes and treatments but about seeing what could be. Last year we decided to refurbish our bathroom by removing the shower and installing a free standing roll top slipper bath. I may write a post about that one day and share a weekend of leaks, shrieks and more than a little swearing at pressure fittings.


While I was pulling my hair out causing chaos with mole grips in the bathroom my wife decided to go shopping for some cast iron fixtures and fittings to finish the look. She had already found a cast iron vintage bird motif toilet roll holder and a pair of cast iron candle holders for above the bath. However, she really wanted a towel holder too.

While she was in Garden Aquatica here in Stockohlm she spotted an oversized Lion Head Door handle but what she saw was the perfect towel holder for the bathroom –should I ever stop messing around with the pipes. As it turned out the giant door knocker made the perfect, if a little cross eyed to my mind, towel hold and I eventual managed to stop all of the leaks at the same time. It’s just a good job it was a wet room really.