I was inspired to start this blog by my wonderful wife who has a fantastic eye for interior design. She loves the shabby chic Gustavian style and I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to put here ideas into practice.

The prices that antique dealers and interior design shops ask for shabby chic and Swedish Gustavian style furniture can be eye watering. So I started out with the intention of recreating the look without breaking the bank.

As I researched the techniques involved on the internet I found that there are quite a few sites out there detailing how to create the look but to be honest I found most of them overly complicated and involved.

The Begining

The projects I will share on the Shabby Side of Chic will be low cost, simple and stylish. Some are based on re-purposing unfashionable dark wood pieces picked up  at knock down prices. Others are based on modified furniture from stores such as IKEA.

So far I’ve worked on a wide range of projects including bedside table, fitted wardrobes, side tables, cabinets, a dinning table, a water feature, ages mirrors and even a complete kitchen. I’ll show you how I did it and hopefully you’ll be inspired to try some of the ideas yourself.

Thanks for visiting the Shabby Side of Chic